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Help us care for animals like Patch

Your donation will help care for animals like Patch.

Your donation will help care for animals like Patch.

Erica helped to care for Patch while he was staying in the hospital's dog ward

Erica helped to care for Patch while he was staying in the hospital's dog ward

Patch is hoping to find a loving home this Christmas

Patch is hoping to find a loving home this Christmas

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Event date: 01/07/2014

In my role as Canine Team Leader I see it all. The cute little puppies who come in with their mothers, the injured dogs that have been found wandering the streets, and all too often, I see the abuse cases I wish I could forget. As a member of SPCA Auckland, I wanted to share Patch’s story with you. Even though his tale is sad, I’m writing to ask you to make a donation this holiday season, because I know that with your support, we can ensure it has a happy ending.

Christmas is only a few weeks away, but I’ve been looking forward to it for months. I’ve already bought my dog Lucy her treats for Christmas morning, and a cool new toy to play with during the day. On Christmas morning she will be one of thousands of dogs who have their own gifts under the Christmas tree. My wish is that Patch will be one of them too.

Patch was only 10 weeks old when he was found wandering on a street in Mangere. Despite asking neighbours, no one knew who owned him. When Patch arrived at SPCA Auckland Animal Hospital we knew straight away that he had been injured. X-rays showed that each of Patch’s five toes were broken. He required hours of surgery to reset the bones in his foot, and a cast to keep it safe while it healed.

When he came into the hospital, Patch was so friendly. We thought surely an owner would come forward. But each day Patch would sit and play with his purple teddy, and each night I would say goodbye before I turned out the lights to go home.

Patch was in a cast for 4 weeks before we could x-ray again to see if his bones had set properly. Initial indications were good, but I still held my breath before the vet told me the good news. After a rough start to life, I didn’t want this wee pup to have to undergo an amputation. He has such life in his eyes, and I imagined him running around a park, chasing a ball - something you can’t do with only three legs.

Patch has recovered well from the surgery, but he still has a way to go before he is ready to find his new forever home. Once his foot has fully healed he still needs to be vet checked, desexed and vaccinated. Your donation today can help animals like Patch get ready for adoption, so they have a chance to spend this Christmas with a loving new family.

$35 can provide a warm bed and shelter while an animal recovers in hospital
$65 vaccinates a dog to prevent illness and disease
$150 will desex a puppy, helping break the cycle of unwanted births

Will you help Patch get his second chance this Christmas?

Please give generously. Thank you for your support.

Kind regards

Erica Lombard
Canine Team Leader

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17/03/2013 Nikola & Will $23.00
12/03/2013 Angito $50.00 Thanks God for all the people who cares and love animals
11/03/2013 Theo & Monica $100.00
29/01/2013 Manning Funerals (2009) Ltd $500.00 My company, Manning Funerals, donates $50.00 from each funeral conducted and this donation is made in memory of the following deceased who we have cared for:
Kim Moy Njauw, Helen June Payne,Percy James Blackledge,Robin Farquhar Young,Ronald McCallum, John Matheson Bremner, Alexander John Baillie, Peggy Noeline Mallard,Patricia McGrogan and Norman Robert Tubb.
26/01/2013 Helen $50.00 Poor innocent animals, those who mistreat animals shall not deserve to live.
18/01/2013 Viv and Jos $150.00 In lieu of Christmas cards this year
08/01/2013 PLPA $20.00 Your an innocent little animal who like others has not asked for the crappy hand you were dealt.
SPCA Team - thank you... What more can I say
06/01/2013 Helen Searancke $25.00
04/01/2013 Rusie $105.00
02/01/2013 simon heather $50.00
28/12/2012 Rayna $25.00
27/12/2012 The Cole's $25.00 I wish we could afford to help all the animals
24/12/2012 Jo $100.00 Merry Christmas everyone
24/12/2012 Teresa Curd $100.00 Thank you to the SPCA for the great work you do.
23/12/2012 Jo Watson $25.00 Best Wishes
23/12/2012 Jan, Karen & Jack $40.00 Merry christmas
23/12/2012 Robert and Christine $100.00 Happy Christmas, Jen - for your favourite charity! xxx
23/12/2012 Kylie $25.00
23/12/2012 Brian $50.00
23/12/2012 Bella $50.00 Happy Christmas SPCA!
22/12/2012 Suz $50.00
22/12/2012 David Hay $50.00 please note my address has changed from 6A Meadow Street to 7 Houpara Street. PLease change contact details
21/12/2012 Kathy J $30.00
21/12/2012 Anonymous $50.00
21/12/2012 Anja $50.00 So many innocent animals are abandoned, especially this time of year. Thank you for helping make their world a better place
21/12/2012 Lillie & J.J $20.00
21/12/2012 Ebonie & Janeya $50.00 The gift of giving is better than any token gift under the tree.
21/12/2012 Craig and Melanie $150.00
21/12/2012 Linda & James Miller $50.00 Keep up the fabulous work you do, especially over this busy season.
21/12/2012 Anonymous $100.00
21/12/2012 Dane Shelford $250.00
21/12/2012 Ruoyang Shi $500.00
20/12/2012 Quattra $200.00 Good job guys. Merry Christmas to you all.
20/12/2012 Chris $500.00 Thanks for being there and loving all of the animals in your care this Christmas.
20/12/2012 Delwyn $100.00 Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and many thanks for all the wonderful work you do.
19/12/2012 Erin $100.00 good luck patch & all at SPCA
19/12/2012 Kylie $100.00
19/12/2012 Sarah $100.00 Best wishes to all the SPCA hairies - I hope you all find wonderful homes for Xmas.
19/12/2012 Karen Edney $100.00 Thankyou so much for everything you do.
19/12/2012 Irene Boyce $50.00 Hope you have as good a Xmas as Oscar!
18/12/2012 Cayla $30.00 For patch xx
18/12/2012 Hayley Buckland $50.00 stop tempting me with pictures of puppies!!! I cant say no.
18/12/2012 Clare Nicholson $150.00 You guys do an amazing job and I wish you all a Happy Christmas, without you being there to help so many animals would suffer badly. Thank you so much for all you do.
18/12/2012 Nad $100.00 Thank you for all your hard work.
18/12/2012 Jennifer $50.00 I hope Patch will soon find a loving home
18/12/2012 Trudy $50.00 Merry Christmas to you all at the SPCA, a big thanks for the great work you do :)
16/12/2012 Anonymous $80.00
15/12/2012 Mel, Nige, Cooper, Rupert and Cisco $50.00 Keep up the good work. May all the animals with you get a cuddle this Christmas.
15/12/2012 Teresa $150.00 Give some support to Porter, Monty and Ginny. There are good dogs and work hard.
15/12/2012 Lesley $50.00 May all the animals at the SPCA enjoy love at Christmas.
15/12/2012 Veren $50.00 May all animals be treated with love and kindness this Christmas
15/12/2012 Nikki & Chris $50.00 Merry Christmas, Patch!
15/12/2012 Ken $50.00
14/12/2012 Shirley $100.00 Merry Christmas Patch!
14/12/2012 M Spyve $300.00 Hopefully you don't receive alot of unwanted animals after the xmas period
14/12/2012 Shannon $40.00 We need more people like you guys in the world. It's not all about humans..
14/12/2012 Pete $50.00
14/12/2012 Meredith & Geoff $50.00 You do a wonderful job. Merry Xmas
14/12/2012 Elmarie Botha $100.00 Hope this helps a bit. You do such wonderful work! Merry Christmas!
13/12/2012 Dianne McArthur $100.00 This is my partners Xmas present as we think animals need this present more than we do. You do great work SPCA.
13/12/2012 Hana Shin $35.00 I shared the story of Patch with my 10 yeard old girl.
My daughter Hana wants to help Patch and she is happy to donate $10 which is her whole weekly allowance.
13/12/2012 Anna $100.00
13/12/2012 Nautech Electronics Ltd $400.00 Please use this donation to help care for unwanted and abused animals over the Christmas period. Donated by the Social Club of Nautech Electronics.
13/12/2012 Selwyn $200.00 Hope this helps - Can I have a receipt for tax claim Thanks and hope you do not end up with too many strays this Christmas
13/12/2012 Rina and Indy $100.00
13/12/2012 Sarah Fellingham $50.00
13/12/2012 Pam Joy $50.00 Merry Xmas Char and Mel xxx
12/12/2012 Claude $50.00 Happy Xmas!
11/12/2012 Rachel and Ben $100.00 Merry Christmas to Mum and Doug.
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