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Nixon - our little miracle

Inspector Andre out visiting Nixon on the farm

Inspector Andre out visiting Nixon on the farm

When he first came in we were not sure that Nixon would make it

When he first came in we were not sure that Nixon would make it

Nixon is now loving life on the farm

Nixon is now loving life on the farm

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Event: SPCA Auckland Animal Village
Event date: 01/07/2014

As an Inspector at SPCA Auckland, I frequently see the nastier side of human nature. We often share with you horror stories that shock and sadden us all. So I wanted to share with you a different side of our work here at SPCA Auckland, and tell you some of the good news that your financial support helps us to achieve.

Nixon was found cold and alone on a walking track near Bethells Beach. Only a few weeks old, he was tiny and so weak that he was unable to stand. He still needed his mother’s milk to survive and clearly had not eaten in days. It was extremely lucky that someone found him when they did.

I first met Nixon when SPCA Auckland received a call from a vet clinic about a baby goat in a terrible state. When I got there Nixon was a tiny little thing, severely malnourished and covered in ticks. I took him straight to the SPCA animal hospital in Mangere to be checked by our vets. Because of his young age and poor condition, we really didn’t think he was strong enough to survive.

During the first few days Nixon needed constant monitoring as he could not even sit up on his own. We set up a special bed in our Education office where he immediately captured the hearts of the office staff. Several volunteered to take him home for sleep overs, keeping an eye on him and feeding him throughout the night. In the first few days Nixon was very quiet and hardly moved. His poor condition meant he was prone to cold, so the team helped to keep him warm using heating pads (and I am sure more than a few cuddles).

Over the coming days we saw gradual improvements in Nixon. As he gained strength he slowly became more and more vocal around feeding time. He was eventually strong enough to stand and started walking around the office noisily demanding food! That’s when we finally knew he was getting better.

He moved out to the barn with the other farm animals and promptly adopted Fiona, our Rural Animal Technician as “Mum”. Over the next few weeks, when he was allowed, he would follow Fiona everywhere. Never more than 2 steps behind, he would help her check on the other animals during her rounds.

Nixon stayed with us on the farm for a couple of months until he was healthy and strong enough to find his new forever home. Angie and Geoff adopted him just before Christmas, and he now lives on their farm near Pukekawa with his new friends Teddy the Deerhound and Harry the Whippet.

Your donations have helped to keep inspectors like me out on the road helping animals like Nixon. Your support ensured our hospital and vet team could give Nixon the medical treatment he needed, and provided the funds for our farm staff to give him the time and care he needed to get better. Thanks to supporters like you, Nixon got a second chance at life.

Nixon has settled in very well on the farm – although Angie tells me that he has had a few hiccups along the way, and is still learning about life. She shared a few of his adventures with me.

It seems that Nixon has really bonded with his new dog companions Teddy and Harry and loves to spend time with them. One day early on, whilst out exploring on the farm he found himself in a spot of trouble when he lost his footing , fell over and couldn’t get back up. Not wanting to leave their friend, Teddy and Harry stayed with Nixon, barking, to alert the family to his distress. Only a few weeks later he was in trouble yet again, and found himself caught in the fence. Once again Teddy and Harry came to the rescue, staying by his side until the family came to save him. Angie said the dogs see him as one of their own – as part of the pack. It’s great to know they are looking out for him.

It’s hard to believe that just a few months ago we didn’t know if the little guy would make it, and now he is running round in the sunshine, and loving life.

Thanks to our supporters, Nixon is just one of the thousands of animals who spent their first Christmas in their new forever home. Your support will help us to continue to rescue, care for, and rehome Auckland’s animals in need. Your donation will ensure that the stories of many more animals have a happy ending.

Please donate today. Because together we can make a difference.

Kind regards
Andre Williams
SPCA Auckland Inspector

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12/04/2014 Nelson (former SPCA resident) $20.00 Thanks for finding me a forever home. This will hopefully help you to find homes for my buddies.
19/03/2014 Janet McIver & Moira Grant $100.00 Please accept this donation for your ongoing good work
15/01/2014 Russell (likes Turkish Delights) $7.50 I (Rachel Hancock) ran a trademe auction selling my gross chocolate flavours from all the boxes of Roses and Favourites that I had acquired. Thankfully I was spoilt this Christmas so I decided to run the quirky auction to raise anything that I could for the SPCA. Thank you on Russell's behalf for everything you guys do.
15/11/2013 Greg, Sarah, Meg & Flynn $50.00 Thank you for the fantastic work you all do.
21/09/2013 Cathy Moorcroft $50.00
13/05/2013 Andi $50.00 In Memory of Hannah - she was well loved and missed. Love Nutmeg and Ginger
05/05/2013 grace $12.60
03/05/2013 Brian Fitzgerald $500.00
27/04/2013 Mike & Lee Kumar $20.00
08/04/2013 Jo Jo & Sue $50.00 Thank you for all the work you do
22/03/2013 Faye VT $50.00 I am so sad to hear this can happen to such lovely animals, but then I know that the SPCA will always be there for them
01/03/2013 Lisa Ball $50.00 For all the beautiful animals that need our love and support
22/02/2013 iDt Limited $350.00 All the best
06/01/2013 Liz and Derek Speer $25.00 To celebrate Loas Toungs 80th birthday
30/12/2012 Grant $60.00
23/12/2012 D.Brooks $535.00 merry xmas to all the animals ,I hope you all find homes soon
19/12/2012 Ben and Antje $50.00 Merry Christmas
25/11/2012 Shanyn Alliston $30.00 The cats are blessed to have you Shanyn. Merry Christmas you do great work
23/11/2012 Alex $100.00 SPCA - the organisation and its people - is the "bomb". I love animals and I can only give what I can give. May you all have a happy and safe festive season and all the very best for 2013!
04/11/2012 Dogs of Desire $130.00 Funds raised from all over the world through selling handmade Dogs of Desire dogs beds, jackets and jerseys.
08/10/2012 Holly Craggs $30.00 Happy Birthday!
21/08/2012 Natalie $30.00 For the emaciated dog that I received a letter about in the post (code: DM0812). Please keep up all the good work in protecting and caring for these animals. You guys are great people!!!
17/08/2012 Az $50.00
11/08/2012 Jemima $100.00
11/08/2012 Robert $50.00 Lovely to see people care for innocent trusting animals
08/08/2012 Jess Vranjes $30.00
04/08/2012 Jenna $25.00
31/07/2012 Leila Thomas $15.00 So glad someone is out there, caring for animals that are waiting for a new home. I got one of my cats from you 2 years ago and she brings me so much joy & love
28/07/2012 Anna Kokeny $75.00
24/07/2012 parminder chandhok $200.00
18/07/2012 Teresa Tang $150.00 Please send me receipt for tax claim. Thank you.
13/07/2012 Shanyn $50.00 happy birthday Shanyn. We'll support a cause close to your heart
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05/07/2012 eric $30.00
05/07/2012 Ness $25.00 Thank you for all of your wonderful care..this is such a special cause.
04/07/2012 Janak & Nalisha $50.00 For the SPCA bird wing.
02/07/2012 Shona $150.00
02/07/2012 Diane Gardner $625.00
02/07/2012 Aluminium Systems NZ Ltd $150.00
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30/06/2012 Anna $200.00 Animals are so helpless when confronted with human cruelty and ignorance, so dependent on our kindness and awareness.
30/06/2012 CRYSMAL $50.00
29/06/2012 EVE $38.00
29/06/2012 Elaine Ferguson $184.35 This donation has been made on behalf of Elaine Ferguson.
29/06/2012 Jan George $150.00 Donation being made on behalf of Jan George from Ray White Ponsonby.
29/06/2012 Penelope $100.00
28/06/2012 Rusie $100.00 Keep up the great work!
27/06/2012 Amy Choi $100.00
27/06/2012 HeatherH $25.00
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25/06/2012 Lisa Do $50.00 On behalf of Michael Do. Keeping being a voice to those who cannot :)
24/06/2012 Melanie $20.00
21/06/2012 Peter Lee Associates $4,050.00
20/06/2012 Alina Zhubrina $20.00 Thank you for the care
20/06/2012 Tyla G $20.00 You guys who help these animals is inspirational and that is why I am now taking action and this is my career path!
19/06/2012 McKenzie Rohleder $30.00
19/06/2012 Steve Jamieson $500.00 At the request of Fred and Chrissy Jones. Thanking them for their support. Steve LJHookers Mt Roskill
19/06/2012 sheed $20.00 Amazing work
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14/06/2012 Grant $60.00
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06/06/2012 Louisa $30.00 The SPCA team does an amazing job. Thank you all for what you do and the hope you bring to the world.
04/06/2012 Vinnie Thomas $10.00 I love animals - keep up the good work. (Vinnie, 8 years old)
03/06/2012 LS $40.00
29/05/2012 Zubbin $30.00 Thank you for uplifting mankind in the eyes of our fellow beings who have othwerwise only seen our worst. Please save paper & costs of letters/postage by just sending me just emails instead. Thanks
28/05/2012 Woman's Day Magazine $220.00
27/05/2012 Amy Choi $50.00
24/05/2012 Keda Browne $25.00
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23/05/2012 Penelope $50.00 Awesome cause
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22/05/2012 Cassandra Chapman $10.00
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05/05/2012 Rob $30.00
04/05/2012 KC $50.00
03/05/2012 Ann Bolton $25.00 You do such a wonderful job in helping animals to have a good life. We love our little rescue cat. Ann
01/05/2012 Emma J $20.00 So supportive of everything you guys do!
30/04/2012 Space Designers Ltd $250.00
30/04/2012 Donna $20.00 Keep up the amazing work!
29/04/2012 TK $20.00
27/04/2012 Ashleigh Vercoe $10.00
26/04/2012 Jumbo / Mila $50.00 Donation to help Jumbo / Mila Elephant at Franklin Zoo
26/04/2012 Joshua Cavill $53.25
26/04/2012 Sharon King and Henry Jansen $100.00 At the request of Hannah Hsu and Andrew Muir, to celebrate their marriage, April 29th, 2012.
24/04/2012 Urine-Off New Zealand $13.51 Marmite Donation Auckland SPCA
Trade Me Listing #: 466044320

Feedback: Thank you so much for a fast and hassle free trade. What makes the trade even better, was to be able to help Auckland SPCA. Now going to cook some toast to have with my Marmite :)
Keep up the good work Andre.
24/04/2012 Anonymous $200.00
24/04/2012 Ben & Rachel Grulke $25.00 This donation, along with another donation to Paw Justice, is our gift to our friends and family attending our wedding on 12 May 2012, in lieu of wedding favours. We love the work you do and support the SPCA wholeheartedly.
24/04/2012 Philippa Shaw $20.00 On behalf of Philippa Shaw
24/04/2012 Annika $10.00
24/04/2012 Driina $10.00 Keep it up! :)
23/04/2012 Nikola and Will $20.00
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20/04/2012 Min $100.00 please send me a receipt
keep up the great work, you guys are the best
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18/04/2012 Vicky $50.00
18/04/2012 Driina $10.00 Keep it up! :)
14/04/2012 Isabel $5.00
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12/04/2012 Karen $50.00 with love and thanks to all the fab people at the SPCA! Thank you! x
12/04/2012 Maureen $50.00
11/04/2012 Family Bosanac $20.00
11/04/2012 Kendyl Gibson $50.00 The SPCA does a fantastic job! Although I cannot adopt at this point I hope this small donation helps.
11/04/2012 Matthew Monk $40.00
11/04/2012 Driina $10.00 Keep it up! :)
10/04/2012 jodizzle $50.00 totally touching story and wanted to donate as i knew of a baby lamb with a similar story that didnt make it....
10/04/2012 Toffee Pop $200.00 ...because rabbits shalt not live on carrots alone! (We're sure Shakespeare wrote that.)
10/04/2012 Sarah, Elmo, Mojito & Mocha $50.00
09/04/2012 Jenny $25.00
07/04/2012 Lucy $25.00 I'm only a student so I can't give much, but I hope this helps.
06/04/2012 Merry $100.00 I cannot adopt right now so I hope this helps. Thank you to all at SPCA!
06/04/2012 C Linnen $100.00 In memory of my animal loving daughter, Tara, who died aged 16 on 15.04.08
05/04/2012 Belinda Foster $30.00 All the best with reaching your target
05/04/2012 Anita $50.00 It is my please to be able to help all the abandoned animals.
05/04/2012 Amber $25.00
05/04/2012 Sasha $50.00 Good luck with the fundraising, you all do such an amazing job
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Thank you.
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20/03/2012 Rob and Olivia $110.00 Nixon's story brought tears to our eyes
14/03/2012 Roz $25.00
13/03/2012 johnie, em, iggy, mokai and maia. $10.00 from some well loved rescue goats and their adoring family to animals that aren't so lucky.
13/03/2012 Irene $20.00
12/03/2012 Challinors Green Bay $20.00 Would like to be able to give more.
12/03/2012 cherry $30.00
12/03/2012 Rainbow Bright $20.00 Good luck Nixon!
11/03/2012 Mocha, Smudge & Neo $20.00
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10/03/2012 Jenny $40.00
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08/03/2012 christine $100.00 I need to enter an address but I dont live there. I live in my motorhome.
08/03/2012 Lollipop, Thelma and Gruff $1,000.00 Because all goats need warmth, love and companionship. And because goats are very, very cool.
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