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UPDATE: SPCA Auckland Angels for Animals Street Appeal

SPCA Auckland’s annual ‘Angels for Animals’ fundraising street appeal on 11 – 13 November 2011 collected $120,000.

“That’s terrific stuff and a great credit to the dedication of our 1200 volunteer bucket rattlers,” says SPCA Auckland CEO Christine Kalin. “They truly are ‘angels for animals’.”

“On behalf of the animals needing the help of the Auckland SPCA, we would like to extend a big, warm-hearted ‘thank you’ to the people of Auckland for supporting us so generously.”

Anyone who missed the street collectors but would still like to help can donate online at www.spca.org.nz/angelsappeal.

SPCA Auckland faces an annual bill of more than $6 million just to maintain its current levels of care, treatment, and help for animals in need. Without the support of its 1000-strong army of volunteers, SPCA Auckland simply couldn’t operate.

“Demand for our services is at an all-time high. We have up to 120 animals coming into the SPCA Auckland Animal Village every day. So every contribution that members of the public make to our funds will make a real difference to the lives of animals in need,” says Kalin.

“We remain steadfast in our mission to be the voice for animals and we thank you for sharing our passion and commitment to the vulnerable animals in our community.”

Missed the street collectors?
Donate online at www.spca.org.nz/angelsappeal

SPCA Auckland Angels for Animals Street Appeal

The SPCA Auckland ‘Angels for Animals Street Appeal’ was a huge success! Over 1200 collectors flooded the streets, malls and supermarkets of Auckland over the weekend from Warkworth in the North to Port Waikato in the South.

SPCA Auckland CEO Christine Kalin is absolutely delighted with the level of support the event attracted.

“We’re completely blown away by the generosity of Aucklanders who donated their time to collect on our behalf and their spare change to our collectors,” she says.

“We would like to thank our collectors and area coordinators for being angels for our animals. It was fantastic to see so many people out with their animals, many dressed up as angels and animals themselves, doing their bit to help animals that aren’t as lucky as their own”.

“Thanks also to all the wonderful people who donated over the weekend – the money you’ve contributed will go towards the vital work of the SPCA Auckland, caring for abused and abandoned animals.”

If you missed the collectors over the weekend you can still donate to the ‘Angels for Animals Annual Appeal’ at http://www.spca.org.nz/angelsappeal We will update everyone on the total amount raised once all the money has come in.

If you have any queries about ‘Angels for Animals 2011’, please contact our Fundraising Co-ordinator, Catherine Davies, on 09 256 2520.


SPCA Auckland Annual General Meeting

Members of the Society are advised that the 128th Annual General Meeting will be held at the SPCA Animal Village at Mangere, Auckland at 2.00 pm on Sunday,
27 November 2011.

Nominations for Directors and Notices of Motion for the meeting, including Rule Changes, close at 5.00 pm on Friday, 4 November 2011.  These are to be sent to the Secretary of the Society.

Hot Rods and Animals at SPCA Auckland

SPCA Auckland’s annual Renegade Rod and Custom Club Open Day was held on Sunday 25 September at the SPCA Auckland Animal Village in Mangere and attracted a large crowd of car enthusiasts and animal lovers despite the inclement weather.

Dozens of classic cars packed into the SPCA Auckland grounds creating a spectacular sight. You name it and the make was there: Buicks, Dodges, Mustangs, Chevys, Pontiacs, Holdens, Fords, and even a classic camper van. All these vehicles had been lovingly restored and were displayed with pride.
Renegade Rod and Custom Club spokesperson Kerrie Maddox says most of the club members are animal lovers and look forward to the annual event.
“It’s a great day for us to showcase our cars but the main reason we’re here is to support and raise funds for SPCA Auckland,” says Maddox.
This year the club raised more than $15,000 from gate collections, fundraising stalls, and by auctioning items sourced by the club.
SPCA Auckland Marketing Manager Martin Mackenzie says the society is extremely grateful for the support the Renegade Rod and Custom Club provide each year.
“It’s always a pleasure to host the club and their event, they’re so enthusiastic about their cars and of course supporting the animals, it’s fantastic,” says Mackenzie.
“We also wish to thank the many sponsors who support the day by providing their products and services to the auction. Without this support we couldn’t raise so much money.”
This year’s celebrity judge was Emmett Skilton (Axel from TV3’s Almighty Johnsons) who braved the weather to pick the Animals Choice Award for best car on display. Emmett gave this year’s prize to Milly and Milo’s owners in their 1957 Ford Mercury.
Visitors also enjoyed music from live band Vermeer, kids had their faces painted and played fair games, and SPCA Auckland showcased many of its animals. By the end of the day, 18 animals had been adopted, including ten cats, five dogs, and three rabbits.


SPCA Mobile Animal Adoptions – matching Aucklanders with lifelong companions

SPCA Auckland’s launch of its unique Mobile Animal Adoption concept on Saturday 3 September at 130 Ponsonby Road, Auckland, was a sensational success.
More than 50% of the cats found homes on the day and the dogs on display attracted great interest, with many families planning a visit to the SPCA Auckland Village to check out the full selection of dogs available.
“The event has succeeded beyond our expectations and will be the first of many,” says SPCA Auckland CEO Christine Kalin. “These events are just a wonderful opportunity for people to get up close and personal with potential lifelong companions as part of their Saturday morning relaxation.
“And they’re a great opportunity for us to outreach into the community, let people know more about what we do, and find loving homes for adorable animals.
“Many thanks to all the members of the public who kindly made a donation to
SPCA Auckland, without your support we simply could not function.
“Thanks also to locals Lesley and Ruth Hawes from Ray White Kingsland for their sponsorship of the advertising for the event and to Team McMillan for providing the MINI Garage carpark site for free.”
The next Mobile Animal Adoption will be held on Saturday 1 October, 10am to 12noon at the MINI Garage carpark, 130 Ponsonby Road, Auckland. Members of the public who might be thinking of adopting a cat, kitten, dog, or puppy should come along and check it out.
For more information about animal adoptions or supporting the SPCA Auckland, please go to our website: www.spca.org.nz

Auckland goes cupcake crazy to support SPCA

‘Cupcake Day for the SPCA’, raises vital funds for the animals.

Auckland cupcake chefs supported the annual ‘Cupcake Day for the SPCA’ national fundraising event on Monday 29 August by baking and selling 5,800 cupcakes at nine street sites around the city to raise a total of over $12,000.

SPCA Auckland CEO Christine Kalin is absolutely delighted with the level of support the event attracted.

“We’re completely blown away by the generosity of Auckland’s bakers and cupcake fanciers,” she says.

“We would like to heartily acknowledge our long-standing sponsors SkyCity, Icing on the Cake, Auckland University of Technology, Delish, Milly’s Kitchen, Bidvest, New Zealand Women’s Weekly and More FM and warmly thank our newest sponsors Au Bon Coin, Spitroast and the City Cake Company. We simply couldn’t do this event without your assistance.”

“Thanks also to all the sweet-toothed people who bought and scoffed a cupcake on the day – the money you’ve contributed will go towards the vital work of the SPCA, caring for abused and neglected animals.”

“Finally, on behalf of the animals, thank you so much to all the individuals, teams, businesses, workplaces, schools, and families who baked up a storm or volunteered their time and sold cupcakes to their friends and colleagues. This year, 2300 people nationwide registered to be cupcake chefs, up from 1500 last year – that’s a huge increase!”

Cupcake chefs have until September 9 to present cupcake funds raised to the SPCA and they can find details of how to submit their money at www.spca.org.nz. The SPCA will announce the total funds raised from the event after all funds have been collected. If you missed out on ‘SPCA Cupcake Day’ but would still like to support the SPCA Auckland in their vital work you can donate at www.spca.org.nz

If you have any queries about ‘Cupcake Day for the SPCA’, please contact our Fundraising Co-ordinator, Catherine Davies, on 09 256 7300.

Would you like a lifelong companion with your flat white?

SPCA Auckland is bringing homeless animals directly into the heart of Auckland with a new concept: Mobile Animal Adoptions held on the first Saturday of each month from 10am to 12noon at Team McMillan MINI Garage, 130 Ponsonby Road.

“We’re making it easier for people to meet the animals, make a connection with them, and make the decision to adopt a lifelong companion,” says Christine Kalin, CEO SPCA Auckland.

Initially the Mobile Animal Adoption events will feature just cats, kittens, dogs, and puppies – but may be expanded to include other animals later on.

“Animal Adoptions are at the heart of what we do, finding forever homes for animals that have been abandoned or neglected. This new initiative brings a selection of adorable animals into the heart of Auckland during the prime brunch and shopping period so we can take advantage of that foot traffic,” says Kalin.

“Our staff are very excited by this new venture. For them it doesn’t get any better than seeing an animal placed in a loving home, where they will be part of a caring family and have a happy life.”

Locals Lesley and Ruth Hawes from Ray White Kingsland have sponsored advertising for the event and Team McMillan has provided the MINI Garage car park site for free.

“Without the support of local people, we simply could not do things like this,” says Kalin. “As a charity we rely on the generosity of animal lovers to assist us with every event.”

Mobile Animal Adoptions also offer the chance for people to learn more about SPCA Auckland’s vital work protecting animals. An SPCA Auckland Inspector will attend the opening event to speak about what the Society does to prevent the abuse of animals and hold those responsible to account.

“We’re always looking for volunteers who have a love for animals and will have staff available to talk to any locals who may be interested,” says Kalin.

“Ideally we’d like Aucklanders to plan on being in Ponsonby on the first Saturday of the month to relax with a coffee, check out the gorgeous animals available for adoption, follow their hearts, and give a loving companion a second chance at life.”


Dog adoption weekend wins paws down

SPCA Auckland found loving homes for dozens of animals at our special weekend event.

A special dog adoption weekend at the SPCA Auckland Mangere Animal Village on 23 and 24 July 2011 was a huge success, finding homes for 26 dogs and many other animals besides.

A special 50% off the price of all puppy and dog adoption fees, plus significant advertising in the NZ Herald and Herald on Sunday – sponsored by Furniture City – brought crowds of animal lovers to the Animal Village.

“We’re delighted that this concept has proven so successful, as we have attracted people from all over the Auckland region, many of whom have opened their hearts and their homes,” says Christine Kalin, SPCA Auckland CEO.

“As a result of the adoption weekend we were able to find homes for life for 26 dogs – an outstanding result – and we also have applications on a further 20 dogs, where adoption may be possible.

“And at the same time we’ve also found homes for 55 cats and kittens, two rabbits, two guinea pigs, and one pig!

“All of us at SPCA Auckland would like to say a big “thank you” to everyone who came out to support this special weekend, especially our many volunteers and Brett Mason at Tegel who donated 500 sausages to the event.”

We still has lots of dogs and puppies looking for loving homes.  Click here to see just some of the dogs available for adoption, or come out to the Animal Village for a visit.

New SPCA Auckland Glen Innes Op Shop opens

SPCA Auckland launched its newest op shop in Glen Innes at 231 Taniwha Street on Saturday 9 July 2011.

A big crowd of locals attended the opening along with a sizable selection from the many dogs currently have available for adoption at SPCA Auckland.

“We operate two other op shops – in Browns Bay and Howick – to provide urgently needed funds for our vital animal welfare work, including providing shelter for abandoned, abused, and homeless animals,” says Christine Kalin, SPCA Auckland CEO.

“Some of the money also helps fund our work under the Animal Welfare Act 1999, which empowers the SPCA to prosecute people who abuse, neglect, or abandon animals.

“So if anyone has some old clothes, furniture, or other items at home that they want to get rid of, please think of the animals and drop off the items at any of our three op shops. You never know – your old junk might mean the difference between life and death to an abandoned animal,” says Christine.

SPCA Auckland would like to thank everyone who supported the launch of the Glen Innes Op Shop, including volunteers, SPCA Auckland Dog Squad, and members of the local community.

Vacancies now exist for volunteers in the new Glen Innes shop and also our shop in Howick. So if you want to support SPCA Auckland, this is a great way to do it.

Volunteers should contact the stores directly.  Click here to view our store details.

It's raining dogs at the Auckland SPCA

At the Auckland SPCA we're experiencing unprecedented numbers of dogs being surrendered this season. Normally we're busy and usually crowded with dogs during the winter months but this year we're totally full.

If you were ever thinking of adopting a dog then now would be a great to to visit us at the Auckland SPCA , as we have a fantastic choice of beautiful canine pets.

Not only is the high number of incoming dogs placing pressure on the village but the slow movement of animals being adopted is also placing great pressure on our finances and food stores.

In an endeavour to keep looking after all these beautiful animals we have launched a "Dogs Breakfast" promotion.

The idea is to get dog lovers to help support the animals while they're in the village with our breakfast donation packages.

It only takes a few dollars a day to feed a dog and a continental or cooked donation will go along way to keeping all these dogs in our well care, well looked after until a new permanent loving home is found.
Chief Inspector Vicki chats with a hot rod fan
 Anastasia and friend
 The auction gets underway!
Dogs that were adopted over the Rescue Me Weekend

55 cats found new homes too

 Give up the cost
of your breakfast
and help animals!