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Your money can save lives

We depend on donations to fund our work. Your donations enable us to rescue and rehabilitate 15,000 animals every year.
For over 130 years the SPCA Auckland has been the voice of animals working to stop cruelty.

Did you know that the SPCA Auckland does not receive any government funding.  Everything we do is funded by supporters like you.  Your gift today will ensure that we can continue to rescue and re-home animals.

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SPCA Auckland is a registered charity under the Charities Act 2005. Registration number CC36223.

Your donation will help save lives. This is Eve's story...

Eve had been locked under her owners’ house and left to starve for at least five weeks.
Despite suffering at the hands of humans Eve has the sweetest forgiving nature and really touched the hearts the SPCA Auckland team.
Two years after Eve came to us justice was finally served when her owner was handed a prison sentence and fine. Eve now lives a happy life with her new family in a loving home.