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Someone didn't care if these pups lived or died

When Lynette peered into a sack she found on the side of a busy road, she never expected to see seven quivering pups inside. Their tiny faces peered back at her, their eyes wide with fear. Bowie, a tan puppy with one blue eye and one brown one, tried to hide herself in the bodies of her brothers and sisters – she was afraid of what would happen next.

These tiny puppies were only six weeks old at the time, and had been dumped and left to die.

They were hungry and thirsty and covered in painful infections. They could have easily been hit by a car, or died of starvation or exposure if Lynette hadn’t found them when she did.

The suffering these pups endured is heart breaking. Sadly at SPCA Auckland see cases like this all too often.

Will you help the homeless and defenceless animals of Auckland by making a donation today? Your donation will make sure cats and dogs – like the pups we’re going to tell you about today – get the warm bed and veterinary care they need this winter.

When the puppies arrived at the hospital our Head Vet Shalsee examined them, and found all seven puppies had multiple skin infections. The poor things had been scratching themselves in an effort to relieve the itch, and were covered in painful scabs.  Alexa, the black and white puppy, had a sore red patch on her chest where she had scratched away her fur. Shalsee said you could literally see the relief on their faces when she gave them some pain medication.

I know as an SPCA supporter you have a special place in your heart for our four-legged friends.

I’m sure you were shocked to hear someone would just dump a litter of puppies by the side of the road. But it happens more often than you’d think. Usually it’s because someone hasn’t desexed their pet and they’ve ended up with kittens or puppies they can’t take care of.

It’s heart breaking to see animals in so much pain. Bacterial infections like the ones that these pups had are easily treatable, but for stray and abandoned cats and dogs they can spread and cause a lot of unnecessary suffering.

Thanks to supporters like you, our hospital team gave the rescued puppies food for their hungry bellies, and the medical care they needed to relieve their painful infections. They were sent out to loving foster carers to help them recover – mentally and physically – from their ordeal. 

With winter coming up, there’s going to be thousands of lost, stray and abandoned animals needing a refuge from the cold.  It’s a dangerous time for animals on Auckland’s streets. With temperatures dropping young animals such as kittens and puppies, are vulnerable to illnesses like flu, respiratory infections and pneumonia. These can all be fatal if left untreated.

SPCA Auckland relies solely on public donations and our resources are always stretched. Our funds have to cover the cost of veterinary care for sick and injured animals, rescuing animals in need, and seeking justice for the abused and neglected. And of course we need to provide warm beds and shelter for all of the animals who are waiting to find their new forever homes.

Auckland’s lost, stray and abandoned cats and dogs need you. Will you donate today so SPCA Auckland can give them shelter and veterinary care this winter?Your gift will alleviate so much unnecessary suffering and even save lives.

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