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Leg hold trap almost claims another victim

Poppy, a gorgeous 1 year old tabby, was brought to SPCA Auckland by a member of the public. They had noticed her around their neighbourhood, but hadn’t seen her for a couple of weeks. When she did come around again, she was limping badly.

It was then that they made the gruesome discovery that her back foot was missing.

Although we cannot be certain, the injury to her foot is consistent with a leg hold trap. The pain she would have endured, it’s hard to imagine. She had walked around for days, maybe even a week, critically injured. It’s hard to imagine the distress and agony this beautiful little lady must have been in. These traps are cruel, and if it was within a residential area, illegal.

Despite asking neighbours, no one knew who Poppy belonged to. Sadly it seems that Poppy had no family to care for her. Every day she was growing weaker. She was all alone, and if she had been left much longer, she would have died alone.

When Poppy arrived at the SPCA Auckland hospital she was immediately seen by a vet. Her back leg was severely infected – a life threatening situation for such a young cat. She required immediate surgery, and our experienced team made the decision to amputate her back leg. Thanks to supporters like you, we could give Poppy the expert veterinary care she desperately need. She made it through the surgery, but her journey to recovery was only just beginning.

During the colder months it is always hard to think of the stray cats and dogs in Auckland, sheltering wherever they can, trying to find a warm spot in the wet, cold weather. It’s harder still to know that some of these animals have been critically injured, and still they have no one to care for them. I hate to think that without SPCA Auckland, and supporters like you, Poppy would have died, and no one would have known that she was gone.

The good news is that thanks to people like you and your support of our hospital team, Poppy was rescued. She received the surgery she needed to save her life, and is now recuperating with a loving foster family. Here she will have a safe and loving environment in which to recover from her surgery, and gain some much needed confidence around people. Finally she has a warm bed and shelter, and she doesn’t have to scavenge for her dinner. Once she is ready, she will come back to the Village and look for a loving new home.

Without you we wouldn’t have been able to rescue Poppy, and save her life. Your donations will mean that we can help save more animals like Poppy who live on the streets of Auckland. Together we can give them the love and care they deserve, and give them a second chance to find loving new homes.
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