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Help our Inspectors rescue animals in need this Christmas

As the newest member of the SPCA Auckland Inspectorate team, I’m writing to share with you a ‘day in the life of an Inspector’ so you can see what a difference your support makes.

I couldn’t be out on the road each day without your generosity. So I firstly want to thank you for your last donation, but also ask you to please consider donating again this Christmas. So together, we can continue to rescue animals in need.

As an Inspector I never know what the day will bring. With calls coming in from the public 24 hours a day, I often have to drop everything and respond to an emergency.

8:50am “Stray sheep, hasn’t been shorn”
My first job of the day is to catch a stray sheep that hasn’t been shorn in two years. I’ve called in some back-up as despite a very heavy fleece, this sheep can run extremely fast. Finally after some footwork even the All Blacks would be proud of, we catch her. Then it’s back to the SPCA Auckland Village for a long overdue haircut.

10:40 “Anonymous complaint about a dog with “a very red bottom”
You never know what you will find when you visit a property. Unfortunately for this dog she is in a lot of pain. The owner clearly cares for the dog, but didn’t realise that the problem wouldn’t just go away. I talk to the owner and give her a written instruction to take the dog to the vet, or surrender her to our care. This is why educating the community about caring for their animal is so important. I’ll follow up to make sure the dog is taken to a vet and if not, I will step in and remove the dog from the property.

11:50am “Small skinny dog with very matted fur”
We’ve received a complaint about a small dog who has matted fur and appears to be very thin. When I enter the property I speak with the owner and it turns out, the dog has just been groomed. After a general check-up, I’m happy that the dog is safe and I get on my way.

1:15pm “Urgent Job: Dog with no shelter or water”
I head straight to the property but no one is home. As reported, there is no shelter or water for the dog. In the heat of summer it’s a dangerous situation, so I take the dog, leaving my details and instructions to get a kennel. As long as they get a kennel, the dog should be back with the family in a matter of days. This may seem severe, but as the days get hotter, we see more and more animals suffering badly in the heat. This way I know he is safe.

2:30pm “Dog tied up to a tyre”
My final check for the day is a Sharpei chained up to a tyre in a carport. The dog is suffering from Mange. The owner’s brother is home, so I explain what Mange is – a condition caused by tiny mites - and that he needs to see his local vet. Left untreated, Mange can quickly spread across the whole body and cause immense pain and suffering. He assures me they will take the dog to the vet, but I also leave written instructions that it happens within a week. I make a note to follow up.

As I leave, a lady in her driveway flags me down. She has a kitten she wants to surrender. I know the Village hospital will close before I can get back across town, so I give him a quick check and he appears happy and healthy. Looks like we’ll be having a sleep-over tonight. We often joke that an Inspector’s job is never done and tonight will be one of those nights!

We need your help
Will you help us save an animal in need this Christmas?

$30 provides an animal with a warm bed and shelter for 1 night
$50 will microchip a dog, ensuring they will never be stray again
$105 helps an Inspector rescue and animal in need.

We are the only charity with the legal powers to help animals in need. With no government funding, we can’t do it without you. Thank you for your help.

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