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Apollo had been walking around for days with a 30cm arrow through his head

Apollo had been walking around for days with a 30cm arrow through his head

He then spent 3 weeks recovering in our hospital, before going to foster care

He then spent 3 weeks recovering in our hospital, before going to foster care

SPCA Auckland Vet Debbie Jones performed life saving surgery on Apollo

SPCA Auckland Vet Debbie Jones performed life saving surgery on Apollo

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Event: SPCA Auckland Animal Village
Event date: 01/07/2014

“I remember feeling shocked and thinking to myself – that cat has an arrow though its head” Debbie Jones, SPCA Auckland Vet

We see a lot of emergency cases here at the SPCA Auckland Animal Hospital. You never know what is going to come through the doors. It had been a fairly routine day when our driver Lexi walked through the doors with Apollo. I remember feeling shocked and thinking to myself – that cat has an arrow through its head.

I’ve never seen anything like it. There he was sitting up in the cage, looking straight at me. I could immediately tell that it wasn’t a fresh injury. The skin was trying to heal around the arrow shaft and infection had set in.

This poor cat had literally been walking around with a 30cm arrow through his head for the past 5 or 6 days. Sadly the shock didn’t stop there. We knew it wasn’t an accident as soon as the x-rays came up. He had also been shot multiple times. A piece of bone in his front right leg had been shattered by a pellet. Another sat lodged in his chest behind his heart.

At that stage your training just kicks in. You don’t think about what has happened, you don’t get angry, or sad, you just think about how you can fix it. You just start getting him well.

As you can imagine, there was a lot of damage. There were tiny flecks of paint that had come off the arrow and it took a long time to get everything cleaned out. When I was stitching him back up I broke 3 needles. We joked then that it was because he was such a tough cat.

Apollo is a survivor. He survived the attack. He made it through the first surgery, and the second. Often an animal that has undergone a massive trauma is very placid. We were all a little nervous that he would turn out to be a feral cat.

For the first week Apollo would hiss once when the cage door opened, but he would still let you pat him. After everything he had gone through, he still trusted us to help.

He stayed in the hospital for 3 weeks before going out to foster with one of our locum vets Sarah. She tells me he is ruling the household – keeping her dachshund in check. He has been to see an orthopedic specialist about putting a plate in his leg, however he is not well enough to make any decisions just yet.

Apollo’s journey is far from over, but thanks to our supporters, he will get a second chance. Please support the SPCA Auckland Hospital Fund and donate today to help animals get the life-saving medical care they need.

My Online Sponsors To Date
11/12/2012 Karen $50.00 Thank you SPCA for your big-hearted work.
11/12/2012 Corrina $200.00 Merry Christmas
10/12/2012 Nick Neubert $40.00 Keep up the great work
03/12/2012 Chantelle $50.00 My heart breaks to see any animal hurt, especially at the hands of a human. I hope Apollo has a speedy recovery and finds a home with love, care and compassion. Much love to SPCA and all you do x
01/12/2012 Roshni Sami $120.00 I love the SPCA and the work they do, it's great to be able to give a donation :-)
30/11/2012 Liz $50.00 For Apollo
I hope he gets a well deserved loving home.

Liz and Jack
28/11/2012 Michelle $20.00
26/11/2012 Isabel and Thumper $500.00 In memory of Thumper - such a lovely little man
24/11/2012 Annette $25.00 Love and best wishes to Apollo from me and my cats, Luna and Merlin x x
14/11/2012 Stephany $50.00
12/11/2012 Margaret Grant $30.00
11/11/2012 NZ Steel Staff $132.00 Hey,

The people at NZ Steel recently saved a little kitten that we have taken into our home. They did a pass around and raised $132 for treatment for the cat (it has an injured tail).

We've decided that this money is better off with the SPCA as we can afford the vet bills.

Kind regards,

Sam and Jane Price
10/11/2012 Carryanne $30.00 Appllo, hope you will fully recover and find a lovely home soon!
05/11/2012 DJ Foster $25.00
05/11/2012 Robyn $50.00
05/11/2012 Melanie R $25.00 Animal cruelty is the one thing I just cant stand. How can people hurt innocent animals who do not have an intentionally bad bone in their bodeis? Because they are cowards! Happy to hurt something because it cant say no. Something the rest of us would never hurt as we understand the unconditional love an animal gives.
Good luck SPCA Keep up the amazing work
05/11/2012 Travis $100.00 Sad story, hopefully Apollo is doing well now.
04/11/2012 William $52.00 I am a Cub Scout and I raised this money at a cookie stall.
02/11/2012 Selena $10.00
30/10/2012 Annette $30.00
29/10/2012 Breigh Fouhy $20.00 Good work SPCA. Apollo you are amazing x
26/10/2012 Tara Burdon $50.00 I would adopt you Apollo if I was allowed a cat in my flat!
25/10/2012 Yulia Khan $50.00 Wishing Apollo a speedy recovery and to find a home where he will be truly loved!!!
25/10/2012 M&F Griffith $50.00 Cat's are such battlers - you can get through this
20/10/2012 Anabelle $300.00
19/10/2012 Misa $30.00 I wish I was in the position to adopt Apollo and shower him with affection, I hope he goes somewhere warm and loving.
Apollo I just want to say "meow, meow.. meow meow meow."
19/10/2012 The naughty Baker dogs of Karaka $1,000.00 Being dogs, we are not big fans of cats, but we all agree this is not fair play. We owe our lives to the SPCA and shed a wee tear for Apollo. Life will be good little one. Love Mango, Job, Tina and Lizzie xxxx
18/10/2012 KellyShore $50.00
18/10/2012 michela and 3 spca babies $20.00 Thanks to the SPCA and may Apollo be cherished, cuddled and spoiled to bits for the rest of his life.
18/10/2012 Veren $40.00 So glad Apollo is making good progress
18/10/2012 Robyn & Rick Burrows $20.00 Such a sad story about Apollo. Thank you to all the people who helped Apollo get better.You are such great people and keep up the good work.
17/10/2012 SML2 $50.00 Thank goodness for the SPCA - keep up the great job that you do. The penalties for the mongrels that do these hideous things to animals is still nowhere near strong enough.
17/10/2012 Suraya Day $50.00 Keep up the amazing work in helping those sick & injured animals.
15/10/2012 Angela $50.00 I hope Apollo lives a very long and fabulous life after this ordeal in a wonderful home
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