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Lost and Found

It can be an anxious and upsetting time when a much loved pet goes missing – here are some ways to help you find them again.
Pets on the Net is our authorised 'lost and found' website and we strongly recommend you go to their site to check whether your pet has been located.

You can also visit the SPCA Auckland Animal Village between 10am and 4pm on any day of the week to check whether your animal has been brought in to us. All stray or lost animals that arrive at SPCA Auckland are also listed on Pets on the Net. We check all animals for a microchip and, if one is found, we contact the owner immediately.

When you do find your pet, please remember to remove your posters from local notice boards and alert Pets on the Net, Animal Control, and vet clinics.

If you have found a cat, rabbit, or bird you can bring it out to us. We are located at 50 Westney Road in Mangere. If you have found a dog, please contact your local animal control.

Visit the Pets on the Net website