SPCA Auckland

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Our Campaigns

SPCA Auckland continually mounts campaigns designed to raise public awareness of animal welfare issues and drive law changes.
Each of our campaigns focuses on a major animal welfare concern and aims to inform and educate the general public and our legislators.

Here are some campaigns you can support:

Here are some other ways you can make an impact:

  • Become an SPCA Auckland supporter.
  • Sign up to the SPCA Auckland database and receive regular updates.
  • Sign SPCA Auckland petitions.
  • Lobby your local MPs for law changes through letters and emails:
    • Keep your email/letter concise and short.
    • Make it a personal statement.
    • Explain how the particular issue affects you.
    • If you have expertise in the issue, say so.
    • Be courteous and respectful.
    • If a politician already supports an issue you care about, write to thank them for their concern.
    • Always ask for a response to your email/letter.
    • Send a follow-up – subject to the outcome it may be a thank you or a polite expression of disappointment.