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Are you ready to adopt

At SPCA Auckland we want to match every animal with the right owner. We advise everyone who adopts an animal from us to think very carefully about their circumstances and capabilities before taking on the responsibility of a pet.
Can you answer ‘YES’ to these six questions?

1.    Can you care for a pet for its whole life?
The average lifespan of dogs and cats is around 12 years, with some dogs and cats living until 15 or even 20 years of age. While puppies and kittens are irresistibly adorable, you will need to be prepared to provide for an adult animal too and, in the case of some dog breeds, a much larger animal with considerable exercise requirements and a sizable appetite.

2.    Can you afford a pet?
All the animals we have available for adoption have been vaccinated, microchipped, and desexed but you will need to think about ongoing costs like food, toys, bedding, worming, annual health checks, vet bills, and other costs for the life of the animal. The costs of pet ownership will vary depending on the type of animal you choose. The cost of caring for an average sized dog can be $20+ a week, and this does not include any emergency vet care they may need.

3.    Do you know how to care for a pet?
As a pet owner it is your responsibility to know how to properly care for your animals. Our Animal Care section has lots of information about caring for different types of animals and we suggest that you do some research before deciding to adopt.

4.    Do you have time to care for a pet?
Exercise, grooming, obedience, and play are important aspects of pet ownership. Some pets will demand more of your time than others. Puppies and kittens are a huge time investment – you will need to ensure that they settle into your house comfortably, are house trained, learn obedience, and are fed, walked, and taken to the vet when necessary. Adult animals are no less work. You will need to set aside time to exercise, groom, and play with your pet for its entire lifetime.

5.    Is your home suitable for a pet?
Carefully consider the kind of accommodation you will be able to provide for your pet. Your home and garden size are significant factors in determining your suitability as a pet owner. If you live in a rented property think carefully before committing yourself to a pet. While some landlords allow pets, many do not. We see a lot of dogs brought in because the owners are unable to find a dog-friendly place to rent.

6.    Will a pet fit into your lifestyle?
Working hours, a busy social life and taking regular trips away are all factors you need to consider before adopting a pet. Companion animals like dogs and cats thrive on human company and will always depend on you – you must be sure that your lifestyle will accommodate them. Before you adopt a pet consider their specific requirements:
•    Are you prepared to walk your dog every day?
•    Are you home often enough to keep your cat company?
•    Do you have time to give your puppy or kitten the basic training it needs?
•    Who will care for your pet when you are away from home?

If your answer to all these question is ‘YES’, you’re ready to adopt.

Talk to our friendly staff the SPCA Auckland Village, get advice on the best type of pet for you, and find out more about how to care for him or her properly. We have lots of animals available for adoption now.  We recommend you read out 'What you need to know' page to learn more about adopting different types of animals.