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Adoption Stories

Helping an animal to find their new home is extremely rewarding and makes all the hard work worthwhile.  
We love hearing from people about how their new family member is settling in and we thought you, our supporters, would love to hear about it too.  Below are just a few stories about some recently adopted animals. 
If you have a story about an animal you have recently adopted from us, we'd love to hear from you.  You can send your story and photos via our Contact Us page.


A note from Taj

Hi guys,

Just thought I would let you know how my first day was with my new family. I have been very well behaved.  They have a great back yard and I have played catch and chase for half the afternoon.  I also went on my first walk and I was excellent!

Don't worry about my waist line as I am sure I will be back in awesome shape in no time!

Thanks to Vicky and Ben for letting me come home with Jo Ben and the kids.

I'm tuckered out now so off for a wee dog nap on my mat.

Thanks to everyone at the SPCA who cared for me so well while I was in between homes.

Love Taj


A note from Ruby's new family...

We would just like to thank you for allowing us to adopt the puppy who was named Kylie, now named Ruby.

She has settled in so well to our house and is such a sweet little girl. She still hasn’t been out and about for walks (as she has only just had her last vaccinations) but she is settled in really well and is enjoying her new home.
We also gave her a new big sister Milly, who we rescued from the Cambridge pound.Ruby absolutely adores Milly, and they are both absolutely fantastic with the kids.
So thanks again, and here is a photo of Ruby, and of Ruby with Milly in her new home.

Karen, Ray, Kane and Cara


A note from Macey's new family...

On the 15th August we adopted a little puppy called Panda. We had just recently lost our 14 year old boy Jordy and were surprised by how much we missed having him around. We weren’t really looking for another dog and then we spotted Panda’s photo on the website.

Panda became Macey and she seems to have morphed into a smaller female version of Jordy with very similar markings. Macey is a really sweet puppy, she is quick to pick up things and was Dux of her puppy class. She is gentle with our old cats and enjoys playing with the new kitten.

Macey loves nothing more than her morning walk on the beach with her friends. When the alarm goes she jumps on the bed and gives you a kiss and a pat with her paw just to make sure you heard the alarm. She doesn’t really do outside or rain and up until recently she managed to squeeze herself through the cat door. Often we would come home from work and find her on the couch waiting for us.

You can see by her pictures she is a very spoilt and much loved puppy. Although tearing the outdoor bean bag apart didn’t win her any brownie points.


A note from Trixie...

Greetings friends,
You may remember me as a tiny, scruffy little Yorkie that you housed for a little while until my new family came for me.
I am still settling in here and the only trouble I am experiencing is the two cats are bigger then me. One, who has a real stupid name, Silly, even chases me when I try to play with her but she is old and thinks she is the leader. The other cat, Shadow is her name, is more a out door type and only comes in when the food is out, so I really haven't got to know her yet. My in owners have only had to tell me off once and that is for chasing Shadow down the side of the house which I couldn't really understand as I was only playing with her and she would of beaten me up if I had caught her. I have included some photos with this email, some are before the Beautician called on Saturday and some are after, oh, that was a totally different experience too put quite enjoyable to have somebody fussing over me like that so I'm looking forward to the next visit. I heard my new master say that he was going to bring me into your place for a visit sometime soon so that you could all fuss over me again, I'm looking forward to that.
I will say Goodbye for now,so please be kind to all my friends that I left behind and I will come visit you all.

Love Trixie.

Oscar and Milly

Oscar and Milly were recently adopted by the Allen family. The two kittens love exploring their new surroundings, especially climbing the curtains and their new mums dresses hanging in the wardrobe. Oscar and Milly have recently been introduced to the back yard, and they both love climbing trees, chasing flies and stalking each other through the vegetable garden. Oscar is an intrepid adventurer and does not seem to have any fear. When visitors come to the door he's right there sniffing their trousers and purring.

Milly is a lot more timid than her boisterous brother, but once she knows you she's very affectionate and has an exceptionally loud purr for such a little girl.  Milly's favourite toy is a little mouse which rattles, which she can play with quite happily for hours on end.  If Oscar tries to take it off her, she growls like a tiger!

Their new mum says ‘watching them play is a great stress reliever after a tough day at work.  Then when they've tired themselves out they curl up on our laps and fall into a deep sleep, which is when their probably at their cutest’.
A big thank you to the Allen family from the SPCA Auckland team for giving a loving home to Oscar and Milly.


Timothy the rabbit was adopted by the Brown family as a Christmas present for their five year old daughter, Tyler, and he has slotted into family life perfectly. Timothy spends most of the day relaxing inside the house unless the family have to go out and then they pop him back in his hutch for some grass and hay time.
Timothy isn't a great toy player - he is much too laid back and cool for such things but he does like to pick up and move his bed tray around and has a penchant for rolling his bowl of dried food from the upper level down the ramp to the lower level of his hutch. His favourite treats are apples and carrots and if you sit down long enough, he will jump up on your lap.  In fact, the family think he was a cat in a previous life!

A big thank you to the Brown family from the SPCA Auckland team for giving a lovely home to Timothy.


Stylo (formerly Benson) was recently adopted by the Dunatov family. Stylo quickly bonded with 8 year old Milan and loves sneaking into the bedroom every morning to check if he is awake. Sitting next to Milan's bed with his tail wagging he waits patiently for him to get up so that he can have his first burst outside on the grass.

 He loves his squeaky toys, especially the elephant that was purchased from the SPCA the same day he went home, and when he is really hyped up you can hear him outside squeaking away with sprints through the house and then back out again.  He loves his new friends Evie and Murphy, the two boxers next door.  Some lunch times the gate is opened between the properties and all three of them play. 

Stylo is a quick study and can already sit, shake his paw, lay down and bring his toy.   He stomps around like a brave little warrior and is interested in absolutely everything during the day but he likes his quiet time at night. His favourite spot is his big pillow in front of the fireplace in the lounge. He has such a willingness to please that when he is told he is fantastic he goes nuts and does ''crazy running'' around the home.  His new family describe him as ‘a delight and the perfect fit to our family and we just love him!’

A big thank you to the Dunatov family from the SPCA Auckland team for giving a loving home to Stylo.



Emily, the horse, was recently adopted by the White family and, while it did take awhile to get her into the horse float, once she was in she hasn’t looked back!  Petra bonded with Emily straight away after spending some time with her at SPCA Auckland before bringing her home.  When she arrived at her new home, she very promptly walked around the paddock, chomping away on the grass acting as though “she had always lived there”.  

That same day she met Foxy, whom she took to immediately, nuzzling away, although sometimes Foxy has had to put Emily in her place – after all, she is the senior horse!   She has even gone on a walk on the road outside the farm with Foxy and another friend, Taiana.  Emily now has eight new horse friends (as well as a few chooks!), although she hasn’t met them all yet!  Emily is inquisitive and takes note of everything, often looking at the view and “gazing out over her kingdom”.   It appears she may be a bit of a water baby, as she likes to blow bubbles in her water, and is looking forward to going for a swim at the beach in the summer.  She is eating well and even put on some weight in the short time she has been in her new home.

Emily’s new family do military re-enactments and the ANZAC parade each year, so Emily will soon be a part-time military horse with her new friends!  Who knows, we might see Emily and her new family at other events like the Christmas parade with Petra as Guinevere, a belly dancing horse rider, Xena or an Indian maiden!

A big thanks to the White  family from the SPCA Auckland team for giving a loving home to Emily.


Millie & Milo

Formerly Tiny & Roo, Millie & Milo were recently adopted by the Taylor family.  These black bunnies have settled into their new home very well, and have established themselves as the family entertainers; running around in the back garden and stretching their legs doing “bunnylympics”.
They start their day with a greeting from Wendy and Emily, who give them a handful of vegetables and some rabbit muesli.  Milo loves parsley which means Millie will often miss out if she’s not quick enough!  They get a cuddle from their new family most days and especially enjoy watching the All Blacks (their favourite team of course, being black!).  They are also making friends with the family dog, also adopted from SPCA Auckland, but sometimes the dog gets a warning growl and scratch from the bunnies if she is over zealous with her hello.
Milo is very inquisitive, looking into everything, under everything and climbing on anything he can find.   Millie likes to dig and scratch and munch on the grass, all the while keeping an eye on what Milo is up to.  They have a beautiful new two level hutch, although they haven’t quite figured out where their bedroom is, and like to sleep downstairs huddled together.   Sometimes they look like they have had a lovers tiff with one choosing to sit upstairs and the other choosing to sit downstairs, after all, we  all need our own space sometimes!  
A big thanks to the Taylor family from the SPCA Auckland team for giving a loving home to Buckley and Buddy.


Buckley and Buddy

Buckley and Buddy were adopted by a family who had originally just come into the SPCA Auckland Animal Village for just a look but whose hearts were captured by these two special boys.  Having initially been smitten by Buddy, a jet black cat, who won Natalie over with a few love bites and a cuddle, they were unprepared to also be captivated by the tabby coloured Buckley in the cage next door. What to do?!
Luckily they came up with the bright idea to get both!
Although it was initially thought that Buckley might not get on with another boy, they took to each other immediately.  On their first night at home, the boys decided that it far too exciting to sleep through and, despite giving them a stern talking to, it wasn’t until Natalie decided to open their bedroom door after 2am that the boys decided that sleeping on the adult bed in-between their new family would be the cosiest thing to do.
They are now settled in and, the best of buddies, they hardly go anywhere without each other.  As Natalie puts it “we were a comfortable family of two and are now a very happy family of four”

A big thanks to Natalie from the SPCA Auckland team for giving a loving home to Buckley and Buddy.
A cat meets her new companion

Cookie the cat

Cookie has been known to enjoy a good jigsaw puzzle
Boomer the model
Kara Thrace & Boomer
Henri - and two of his wives
Shadow and extended family