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Board Charter 
Audit Committee Charter 
Nominations Committee Charter 
People Development And Remuneration Committee Charter 

Strategic Plan

Financial Reports


Mission Statement

To encourage the humane treatment of all animals and to prevent cruelty which may be inflicted upon them.

To be achieved by:

  1. Providing shelter for animals requiring care and attention with facilities that will cater for their needs and ensuring the promotion of successful and long term adoptions for suitable animals.
  2. Promoting a humane understanding of all animals by influencing the public perception of animals through education and example.
  3. Seeking the active and financial support of the public to assist in accomplishment of these undertakings, ensuring that such funds received are utilised and maximised to the overall benefit of the animals.
  4. Providing leadership in the lobbying of effective legislation to prevent cruelty to all animals professionally enforcing existing laws and regulations established for their protection.